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                                                Coffee Plantation & Nature Bee Keeping

Before coffee are importance for western people only. But right now coffee are very importance for all people around the world. So some how ?  to many people drink a lot of coffee BUT they don;t  know.
         So many company said their coffee are very good quality and safe after Drink ?  Many Coffee Product came from many area and many different growing because many area and so different temperature.
 coffee  can growing every where. Hot and Cold weather.  BUT Different only test and quality of the coffee. Coffee growing in the Cold and ีupland area will get more caffeine and strong too that why most of the coffee are growing under the big tree and on the mountain. BUT some kind of the Coffee are can growing outside not under the big tree. But this coffee use only for fragrance.  many species of the coffee but main of species of the coffee Only 2 kind of them. But so many of test depend of the people like. merchant can make their test.

         So many people growing coffee tree now also many people want to get a lot of money after growing use a lot of chemical speeding up the flower and insect disturb. So all of chemical will penetrates in to productivity. and without insect pollinators such as butterflies, Bees , naturally, or Oberlin little more because those chemicals.
          Bees are small insect live every where with out chemicals in the forest. also bees are very importance insect for pollination flower and fruit to get more product from tree. this is nature way for every tree product.  Some where no insect that meaning that area use a lot of chemicals.
          Marketing all around the world most of them to design to drink organic coffee and also they want to save the environment on the same time So the nature bee can help a lot to check the area what they use organic or cremecal      

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