International Cooperation for Thai Hill Tribe Development Fund {I.C.T.D.F}
                                                                  Under The 
                               Maehongson Development Foundation { M.D.F }

                                                                                           Work Together Bring Victory 

การจัดการท่องเที่ยวและทรัพยากรธรรมชาติ แบบเศรษฐกิจพอเพียงโดยชุมชน.

What is  Sustainable sufficiency Economy Community Base Tourism. ?

                                         Sustainable sufficiency Economy Community Base Tourism.  is the small Project from the I.C.T.D.F and   GONGOVA to prepare the Thai Hill tribe People to preservation their own culture and the environment in their area.   received the tourism. to teaching the people     Community-Based Tourism to be Sustainable Sufficiency  which stresses the involvement it better for the local people in tourism in their area.  it also supports the even distribution of income from tourism as a second source of income.  I.C.T.D.F is small Group try to teaching the local people to get more income from another source like home stay system, Coffee bean Nature bee Honey and their handicraft sale to Tourist. who came to their Villages

How to Prepare the Thai Hill Tribe village people to be the " Sustainable Sufficiency Economy Community Base Tourism ?
1.  I.C.T.D.F  received the proposal from the Village need to be the sustainable sufficiency economy Community based tourism
2.  I.C.T.D.F staff go to the village to check how possible for the village and discuss with the village people.
3.  I.C.T.D.F staff will operation start or not after discuss with the village people.

Objective of the Project
                                            Locally people managed nature conservation financed by tourism. S.S.E.C.B.T is strengthening the self-pride in local cultures and ethnic identities. We give tourists an opportunity to meet and learn from the ethnic minority population of northern Thailand. We arranges transportation and coordination with highland villages working with S.S.E.C.B.T.  the area we work in offers a great diversity both in culture and nature and at the moment there are more than 100 Villages involved in our S.S.E.C.B.T program.  All the activities in the villages are managed and supervised by local villages. By your participation the involved villages can continue their work on nature conservation and fores protection.